Troop 97 Dutch Oven

Dutch Oven Cobbler

This is the standard cobbler that Troop 97 in Homewood, Alabama likes to cook. It is very similar to what you would find if you search online for Dutch Oven Cobbler. You can’t go wrong with this recipe. Ingredients 1 Betty Crocker yellow cake mix 2 cans of fruit in heavy syrup or pie filler […]

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Dutch Oven Rolls with Rosemary Garlic Seasoning

Follow the directions on the label of the frozen dough. Line a Dutch Oven with foil and use a trivet Oil or spray foil Add frozen dough as loaf or rolls on foil Sprinkle with olive oil and spices such a Rosemary-Garlic Let dough raise to desired height, to decrease the time a few charcoal […]

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